What’s been going on?

Can’t believe how fast time is going! It’s already May and the summersun in shining on us again. Spring came so late this year and we were worried the rain was never going to come after last summer, the ground was so dry and up until March we almost didn’t have any grass growing on our land so it was a struggle having to water the gardens and make sure the animals got food. But finally in March it started raining and it kept on raining all through March and April. And now we are in May and the sun is shining and the weather is getting hot and we are back to watering the gardens and preparing all the summer crops.
In february we finished a second smaller polytunnel that is now the nursery for seedlings, trays and pots, and the big tunnel has gotten more boxes. Other than that the garden is slowly getting bigger and bigger with more gardens beds and a new area for melons and pumpkins,  we are planting alot and things are growing and flowing and we are eating amazing food from our gardens everyday.
Since last time we have also been fencing alot around our land to make sure the sheeps have spaces to graze and lots of pasture to move around on, and the chickens have a new house and a big outside area to freerange on.
Now we are working on a ferrocement water tank, a pergola for some shade in the summer and just getting prepared for our little one to arrive soon.

love & light /grow&flow


December update

Can’t believe its already December! We had a long warm and dry summer here in Portugal and still we haven’t really had any real rain, but the winter reached our little farm for real now in December and we have had frosty mornings and chilly nights which means the wood stove has been going strong and we have been cozying it up by the fire. So what has happened since summer, well it’s been alot of watering the gardens and we have started selling our organic vegetables to some local customers. End of summer and autumn the gardens produced an abundance of awesome veg and it felt so good to start selling and sharing the surplus. We have also had some new animals move onto the farm and we now have 1 sheep, 2 lambs and 2 goats sharing the land with us, and of course still our chickens, rabbits and our puppy. The sheep Greta was pregnant when we got her and she gave birth to the little lamb Luna earlier this year. So we have spent time fencing and creating pasture for the animals and we are at the moment building a new big chicken coop so we can get some more birds and make sure they have a nice open space. Other than that we have been picking olives since November up until now, its been alot of olives this year and so far we have managed to pick 860kgs of olives that we took to the olive press last week to press into olive oil. We got 130 liters of olive oil back and it is amazing quality so other than using a lot for ourselves we will have a lot over to sell and share aswell.

Our little wood house/bungalow has been great for us and we have now been living here since June. It has been cold since the winter really hit but the wood stove heats it up real nice so during the evenings and cold mornings we just have to start a fire to make sure we stay warm.


may all beings be happy,

LOVE /grow&flow

beets for christmas

The nights and mornings are getting chilly so alot of time is spent next to the fire at night, but the sun has been out everyday these last weeks so we have been enjoying our christmas lunches in the sun.

How do you get the party started?
– With a fat beet!

What is the most untrustworthy veggie?
-The beet around the bush.

love /grow&flow

december days

The sun keeps shining on us here in Portugal and christmas is already here.
We haven’t really put that much time into the olive picking this year since we have other things to do, but we were hoping to atleast get about 40-50 kg that would go to the press to make into oil, so when the neighbor decided a date we would go to the press we did a push and managed to pick 103 kg of olives!
Our neighbor picked about 600kg himself. So we took it to the press and now 2 weeks later we have the finished olive oil back.

love /grow&flow


it’s in our nature

“He who lives according to nature will never be poor, and he who lives according to opinion will never be rich..”


quince and pomegranate

quince trees are everywhere around here and the ones on our land are full of fruits at the moment, so we are trying to use as much as possible by cooking it, making jams, chutneys, pickles and giving the rest to the animals. we also harvested pomegranate from our neighbors trees the other day and they are just amazing. pomegranate juice for breakfast tomorrow. what else do you need?


misty october mornings in central portugal

mornings are getting chilly and its time to prepare for winter, we need alot of firewood to keep us warm so we gotta keep sawing and chopping.
The gardens are looking awesome and we keep harvesting amazing veggies.
We also got the new chicken tractor done so now the chickens are helping us fertilize the earth.


time for a bath

summer is ending and fall is already here. we are harvesting amazing food from the gardens, collecting and chopping wood to make sure we have firewood for winter, preparing the foundation for the poly tunnel so that we can get it up before it gets to cold and just enjoying this change of season.

love and light

Growing your own food

This year we started planting really late in the year as we had alot to think about and get sorted before getting started with the gardens. And since the summer is soo hot here it can be hard to get things to grow when starting out so late when its already warm and no rain coming down. But we have tried our best and some things have made it through the heat and are soon ready for harvest. Up until now we have harvested onions, strawberries, radishes, cabbage, herbs and cucumber. And soon we will be harvesting some zucchini, pumpkin, more cucumbers, potatoes, lettuce, turnips, more herbs, melon and more.

Before winter starts we will be putting up a poly tunnel (greenhouse) on the land making it possible to grow in warmer climate all winter long.

LOVE /Grow&Flow

Water Water Water

Finally we have water running on the land!
We got a borehole done about 3 weeks ago and the pump we already had was not the proper pump for a borehole and we realized we had to buy a new pump and have it installed and lowered done the hole. The same guy who installed our solar system also works with pumps and he assured us he could do the job so it worked out really well. We now have the pump connected to two water deposit tanks on the land and hosepipes for watering the gardens etc. So no more carrying buckets full of water for hours around the land every day from now on 🙂

LOVE /Grow&Flow

No Such Thing As Waste


There is no such thing as waste.. only stuff in the wrong place


New day – Portugal it is

So we made it to Portugal!
Around 2 years ago we started planning our move out of the city, Barcelona, and we hoped to find a place were we could live with the land and the surroundings and enjoy every day while working to create a future for all and everything around us. After considering countries like Spain, Greece, Sweden and Portugal we ended up buying land in Escalos de Baixo, Castelo Branco in Central Portugal, about 2 hours from Lisboa by car.

Anton spent time in the region in January and decided on going through with the purchase and on the 2nd of March we packed our bags and left Barcelona with just 20kg of clothes each.

We stayed in a guest house for 3 nights then got our new Tipi tent up and moved on to the land. We spent the first nights freezing our asses off and working on gathering and chopping up fire wood while the rain poured down. Before getting our wood burner we tried having a fireplace in the tent which created a smoke fest and we were running outside to be able to breath.

All the people we have gotten to know here so far are amazing and helping us out with most stuff so we are really feeling welcome. Eating great food everyday while drinking homemade wine basically for free and meeting nice new people. So we are doing great! But we are also working hard as hell to clean up the land, planting, gathering water, collecting materials, chopping down tress, studying the language etc.  Every day is new and we are so happy to be here.

We now have about 2.8 hectares of land filled with olive trees, oaks, pine, thorn bushes, 1 stonehouse ruin, 3 wells, orange trees, fig trees, herbs and so much more, plus all the animals already living here. Zero neighbors in site and about 5 min by car to get in to the village.



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Liv Lundmark & Anton Bergendorff