sun is shining & the veggies are sweet

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beets for christmas

The nights and mornings are getting chilly so alot of time is spent next to the fire at night, but the sun has been out everyday these last weeks so we have been enjoying our christmas lunches in the sun.

How do you get the party started?
– With a fat beet!

What is the most untrustworthy veggie?
-The beet around the bush.

love /grow&flow

december days

The sun keeps shining on us here in Portugal and christmas is already here.
We haven’t really put that much time into the olive picking this year since we have other things to do, but we were hoping to atleast get about 40-50 kg that would go to the press to make into oil, so when the neighbor decided a date we would go to the press we did a push and managed to pick 103 kg of olives!
Our neighbor picked about 600kg himself. So we took it to the press and now 2 weeks later we have the finished olive oil back.

love /grow&flow


quince and pomegranate

quince trees are everywhere around here and the ones on our land are full of fruits at the moment, so we are trying to use as much as possible by cooking it, making jams, chutneys, pickles and giving the rest to the animals. we also harvested pomegranate from our neighbors trees the other day and they are just amazing. pomegranate juice for breakfast tomorrow. what else do you need?


misty october mornings in central portugal

mornings are getting chilly and its time to prepare for winter, we need alot of firewood to keep us warm so we gotta keep sawing and chopping.
The gardens are looking awesome and we keep harvesting amazing veggies.
We also got the new chicken tractor done so now the chickens are helping us fertilize the earth.


Growing your own food

This year we started planting really late in the year as we had alot to think about and get sorted before getting started with the gardens. And since the summer is soo hot here it can be hard to get things to grow when starting out so late when its already warm and no rain coming down. But we have tried our best and some things have made it through the heat and are soon ready for harvest. Up until now we have harvested onions, strawberries, radishes, cabbage, herbs and cucumber. And soon we will be harvesting some zucchini, pumpkin, more cucumbers, potatoes, lettuce, turnips, more herbs, melon and more.

Before winter starts we will be putting up a poly tunnel (greenhouse) on the land making it possible to grow in warmer climate all winter long.

LOVE /Grow&Flow